Thursday, July 8, 2010

Current Family and Ancestors Birthdates, Coincidence or Spiritual Connection

I’ve been trying to do my family tree and have come across something that got me to thinking about family birthdays. We have a very large family, so even keeping track of our current members can be a daunting task, so until I started doing the research, I had no idea how many had the same dates as our ancestors. Is this just a coincidence or something more?

As I mentioned, we have a very large family so when some birthdays were on the same dates, I never really paid much attention. Now that I’ve been looking back at some of our ancestors going back more than three hundred years and finding the same dates, it really has me thinking.
My sister, my niece and I all have a son born on May 10, just different years. I just thought how nice this was, nothing more, until I found that was also the birthday of my grandfather. He had passed several years before I was born, so it wasn’t something I knew till I began my research. Another sister has a granddaughter born the same day as an uncle who had passed away several decades before she was born. As I continue my research, I’m finding more and more of the same.

I don’t believe in coincidences, instead everything happens for a reason, so I’ve been trying to find any type of statistic on the subject. Currently, I haven’t been able to find anything, so I have nothing but my own family numbers and my own personal opinion. I can’t but think there is a spiritual connection to the family through the numbers of the birthdates.
What about children being born on the anniversary of older family members passing? Is there a spiritual connection? This came up in a recent conversation with one of my younger sisters, actually it kind of freaked her at first. We had a brother that was born and passed in the early 1940’s. Since my own mother had passed when we were both very young, we really didn’t know exactly when he passed or where he was interred. I just recently found his grave site, along with the date of his death and his burial. The date of his burial was the same as her birthday, the year was just reversed, his burial 1945, her birth 1954. Again, I feel this was not a coincidence, but instead a spiritual connection between them. This also seems to be something that continues to repeat itself the more I research.

Is there a scientific reason for this? Is it a coincidence? I feel it’s a spiritual connection. What do you think? I hope you leave a comment and give me your own personal story or opinion on why this happens.
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